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I rode down to the event last Sat. and the weather was perfect. My friend backed out, so I went solo. I could have got in for free as the gate guy was waving me in. I stopped and he looked at my bike (puzzled) and he asked the year. I told him I missed the cut (35 yo) by a couple of years, he said "Still... a nice bike!". I turned and parked across the road with the commoners. $5 to get in was the bargain of the year. Immediate sensory overload, as V-STRUM said. I was wandering around, drawn one way then another and constantly almost walking into someone else doing the same thing!
I didn't know what to expect and I like antique bikes but those concourse quality brass era bikes kinda bore me. Not to worry, it was a huge variety of years, makes and condition. I felt like I found my tribe. So much better than any "Bike Weeks" I've been to, no attitude. After watching a guy start a original cond. '29 H-D which ran like a top, I ran into an old friend of mine from Chelmsford Mass. We checked out some more stuff, got over-heated, hit the cooling/misting structure, got a burger and drink, ate in the shade, felt better and said our goodbyes.
I cannot recommend this event enough, to anyone who wants to go next year. Someone said it starts to thin out by Sun. morning, so Sat. is the day to go. There is a group ride at 2:00 so you want to get there well before then to see all the good bikes. I didn't get to see much of the swap meet stuff for sale because there were so many cool bikes. You could easily use 2 days for it.
Congratulations to Joe Shovel FXR for his well received and immaculate '82 FXR.
I really wanted to meet V-STRUM and didn't see his bike... except, yeah, I did and apparently it didn't register. It's behind the Indian.

Points off for the exposed battery tender wire :LOL:

For my friend Captain Hook 455 ;)

one for the girls :whistle::D

How about a Norton w/a blower?

or do you like 2-strokes?

I like the old road warriors

Please add any comments or pics from the event.
Crummy photos courtesy of your friendly neighborhood hillcat. 馃樅

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It was a great event, an amazing amounts of classic bikes turned up on Saturday that it was overwhelming, I didn't even attempt to get pics. The judge show was Sunday and forum member Joe Shovel entered his FXR, I got a few quick pics of other bikes being judged.

You can follow Joe's 15 month restoration project here:

Joe's freshly restored '82 fxr

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A blue frame '87 FXRC

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A met the owner of this 1972 CB450 - he bought it from a local dealer who had it on display for a few decades.

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