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Great Service !!

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If you live near Lafayette, Indiana I know of a HD Dealer that will treat you right. Ran into them by accident 2 years ago. Dan and Dale Bell @ Eagle HD (www.eagleharley.com). I ride 170 miles one way to get there because Louisville HD SUX!
My 01 FLHPI was an early model and did not have the wiring for the HD security system and siren. They wired it up, and changed the mainshaft seals on the inner primary while I was out tooling around on a VROD they let me use. All this on a Saturday no less. Bike had 4100 miles on it when I got it, but had never been registered.Technically it was a NEW bike, so maybe this was warranty work. All I know is, they didn't charge me a dime !!
I have bought 2 bikes from them, and had two 95" motors built, all with no problems. These guys have their own dyno, and run a first class operation.
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