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Finally!!! The 2003 FLHT models all have In Dash CD players....I just saw the new brochure from this years show. Time for a trade in. (GRINS)
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Not so great if you want to upgrade your 1998-2002 bagger with that radio.......... $850.00 for a single disc CD player/receiver!!!!!

Blows my mind! How greedy can you get, HD?

I can buy a top of the line audiophile-quality Sony CD player for $380.00 all day long.

Are you telling me that the electronics to interface the HD unit to the handlebar switches makes up the remaining $470.00???


Sorry, just had to vent about the unbelievable greed of the Motor Company.

And I'm the guy, being a relatively young 31 years old, that represents their future customer. MAYBE NOT??? Maybe I'll become a BMW guy.

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Been there

Been there way too many times........life's too short. Just buy an inexpensive MP3 player and plug her in. Let it go.
Yep, the world is going mp3 and HD gets a CD player, I'm surprised it's not an 8 track!! They can shove their 800+ bucks up their ass.
I would rather have the tape deck that you can run the cassette adapter in to listen to a CD or MP3 player.
just had a panasonic installed with in dash cd player. No handle bar controls, but not a problem. Works bitchin' skips a little on the hard bumps, but other than that sounds great. total with install at a sterio shop less than $600. RAD
Would you happen to have the model number of that Panasonic CD player you had installed? What bike did you install it in? I might go this way. Thanks.
Thats great - handlebar controls possibly in October! Looks like a good deal.
A CD player? And only several years behind times! Since space is at a minimum,they should have put in a mini disc. And mayby in 10 years(when they are out of date) they will put in a MP3 player.
Thank you Boomer !
I have been looking for a radio or installation kit for my 2002 FLHT and like everyone else Im not about to shell out the kind of cash HD's asking and it just happens to be luck that there right in my neighborhood..
Here's the instalation kit from the same person on e-bay and you can install the deck of your choice CD,mp3, HD 8 track. etc.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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