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Government needs to bailout Motor Cycle manufacturers

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Just kidding.

Is it right for the government to bail out the Automakers, and not all the other businesses?

Granted: if the automakers die so do the steelmakers and all the smaller supporting industries. However, where do we draw the line?

Why don't the government just give everybody money to buy a new car? LOL That would save the auto industry!

Perhaps if the Auto execs didn't get paid so much?
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I think evryone is over thinking. If each US born citizen over the age of 21 were to recieve $300,000.00 and tax it, all economic problems will stop!! I know that the idea is radical but, it will work. If anyone can give me a down side to this please inlighten me.Seriously. I am not been a sarcasitc.
Why should every US born citizen over the age of 21 be GIVEN anything???
That's the problem with a HUGE portion of the population...a sense of entitlement...
First of all, I don't beleive that we should bail out all those pigs at the top giving themselves 30,000,000.00 bonus all the while their companies and employees lose. If we are to give anyone anything it should be from the bottom up. People would buy homes, pay off loans, buy cars, and pumping money into our economy. I am more conservitive than liberal. Its not an entitalment it is a stimulas to the people instead of corrupt CEOs.
Obviously not. Conservatives don't believe in income redistribution.
People need to get their heads out of the sand. Wake up. When corporate CEOs are paying themselves hundreds of millions of dollars when people are losing jobs, is criminal. I am sure you believe in job performance. Where is YOUR moral backbone? It seems to me that people would rather have the economy tank just to stand on an misconceived idea that the trickle down might work. I believed in it with Reagan. Did it work? It didn't.
As a 30 year Teamster and having worked at 4 union freight companies I can explain how work classification works in freight.

The company judges the work load at a local dock. The bids reflect jobs needed. If work runs out in a bid such as swithing the junior man is moved to a class that needs extra manpower. On the flip side if switching is heavy the senior dock man is offered the work down the line. If nobody takes it the junior man is forced to switch. The protection to the labor force is everyone is a 8 hour guarantee a day and 40 hour week. If work slows down a layoff happens with the senior layoff person called in to work as needed. If you work 1 day on layoff then you are commited to come to work when called. Layoff hours worked add people back to active status. Sounds flexable to me.

As far as management and labor working together to come up with better production several time we have formed commities of management and labor. The only ideas that come out of these commities are ones that management goes along with no matter how good the idea is labor puts forth. Oh there's a big psych on the companies part to make it look like its a joint idea but it not. I stopped being on these meetings years ago as most of the higher experianced people have. The only people who takes part now is the yes men of the labor force who wants to sit in a air conditioned room drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.

Our CEO who was hired some years ago took over form people who lead a successful company. There was no commities then management did their job and labor did theirs we were the most successful frieght company out there. If we lost money in a quarter they sit down and corrected the problem. This guy has ran the company to the ground. He took a 3.5 million bonus when the company was loseing money and the next month he stopped matching funds into the managements 401k. His contract says if the company wants to get rid of him he has to paid 100 million to leave. Now they are meeting with the union and they want us to take a $1 on the hour cut in pay to keep the company afloat. And this is suppose to be the unions fault?
Nice job BlueGlide05:clap:mad:gree:
So let me get this right. The Big three and the UAW have the taxpayers by the short hairs and we should just continue to support their failing businesses, enept leadership and overpaid workforce or else......

Screw em, I'll grow my own and ride a f'n vespa until we rebound. I'm sick and tired of hearing this crap. Make a damn product we want to buy, sell it at a decent rate and stand behind it.

Well said Maxxdaddy!!!!
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