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Got an 02

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First, Thanks to everyone who helped me with my "NJ Dealers" post. I called every dealer I could think of and none had a Softail Standard in either EFI or Carb but I found an 02 Springer at Williams on RT. 22. anyway it's mine :D I pick it up monday. I really wanted a EFI standard but I just can't stand looking at that alu. powder coated engine so the springer will have to do. (like that's a bad thing)

Everyone there was very helpfull and true pros!! Needless to say I'm as happy as all hell.

Thanks again,
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Congrats, Mike!:D

Hope the weather is good for you next week so you can enjoy breaking-in that baby.
Congratulations, mike!!

Always like to hear good news like that!

Outstanding!!!!! Ride safe and enjoy....

Hey! I like Springers too:D Congrats and hope you have good riding weather. Jersy? What exit? ;)
Congrats on your new bike. I am sure you are gonna enjoy every minute of it.

Crazy Italian
Williams HD


Hope they treated you right at Williams. Best of luck.

Way to go, Mike. i just got my '02 Fatboy in January, and I'm still feeling the euphoria I know you're feeling right now. Enjoy!
Way to go Mike...

I hope you enjoy your new scoot and ride safe.

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