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Hahm Motorsports of Newport Beach, CA...TWO Thumbs up.

Ok, they're not a Harley dealer, but I wish they were. Here's the deal.

I first bought my helmets from them on a site visit for work. I live in Michigan, but I travel all over the US. After I found the helmets I wanted online, I found out that the manufacturing plant was near one of my clients. Well, this place carried them...sort of, they had the model, but not the right color. They said, give me a day, and we'll run down to the Manufacturing plant and pick up the one you want (Scorpion Helmet). Great customer service.

Next trip out to Newport Beach for work (a few months later), I decide to stop in and see what kind of accesories they have...they remember us. Pretty cool I thought, so I decided to buy a different visor for the helmet.

Next time, out there, I stop by again to buy a couple of aero skirts for the helmets, but they only had one at the time...no big deal, I'll just get the one now, and next time I'm in town I'll get the other one...no problem they say.

Well, the next time, they still don't have it, but he gets my name and address, and say he'll ship me one free of charge. Two weeks later...it shows up at my desk...FREE, very cool.

Well, here I am, on site again (have you started to notice a pattern with my work, or lack of), so I stop in, say thanks for sending the stuff, and decide to buy a summer riding jacket (yeah, I know, it's almost winter in northern Michigan, but I am looking forward to next season already)...anyway as one of the parts guys is ringing us up, the manager says to his employee, give these guys 10% off...no big deal, I thought that it was very cool and he certainly didn't have to do this. Two words...CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Just wish they sold Harley stuff, however this pretty good for not even buying a bike from them.
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