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Here are some tips:
*ALWAYS wear the BEST protection you can get no matter what the rules say, dress for the crash not the ride.
*NEVER go through the water box with your front tire.
*Lower your rear tire pressure for better traction and ALWAYS do a burn out to clean off the pit/staging lane crud from it.
*If the track allows you to do so do 1 or 2 dry hops to confirm the tire temp.
*BOTH feet down and to the rear for stability on the launch.
*It may be easier to have the throttle just above idle on your launch then as the clutch is almost out you can go to WOT, you will have better clutch control at lower RPM and less chance of spinning that hard compound street tire.
*Double grip the throttle, allot of riders simply do not have enough wrist rotation to fully hold the throttle WO. Over grab it so that at normal grip you wil be at WOT.
*Don't let anyone else bully you on the tree, do everything the EXACT same each time, roll into the pre lite ( it is not nice to turn on both lites until your opponent has turned on the pre stage lite) (some tracks have autostart so if the other person has the staged lite on you only have a limited amount of time to get ready)then position yourself the way you like on the seat, get your legs back, close your face shield, get your re grip on the throttle, get your position on the clutch then when YOU are ready roll into the second lite, just as the light comes on roll 1 inch and stop the same place every time let out the clutch until you feel a slight drag.
Wait for the ambers and go as soon as the last one lights. (LED's are harder to judge than incandescent)
Once you do the pre start procedure a few times you should get into a routine to do the exact same things every time, same goes for the launch and shifting.
Shift lites are nice so are air shifters, this is for the racer who needs to be consistent every run where predicting your elapsed time is important, but just important is your reaction time, which is counted in on your "total package" in bracket racing.
Don't worry about the ZX10 or Hayabusa or 10 second car you could race, it is bracket racing, I have seen a 24 second Hondamatic beat all!

Eventually you will get bit by the drag bug and will be going all the time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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