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I know the guy running the vintage show, so I put a scooter in it.

That got me a free pass to everything. But other than perhaps looking at what turns up for the vintage show, I'll prolly skip it. The band line up really didn't float my boat. Mostly tribute bands and a headliner I never heard of.

I'll be over there in town Saturday for a Roadie meet and greet, so I'll prolly drop in after that.

Just a FYI, one of the traveling vendors what does scooter upgrades at these events had a Mechanic wanted sign up. So that makes me wonder what they can put in that stall between now and tomorrow afternoon. Not too many decent scooter wrenches out looking for work this time of year.

I dropped off early because I got other obligations tomorrow, but so far the scooter show was pretty thin. Hopefully more show up between now and Saturday.

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