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I'd be curious about 4 things please if anyone has some actual experience with these lithium battery operated gloves:

1. the gerbing site (they make these for HD) states the lithium battery life to be;
@100% heat - 2 hours
@75% heat - 3 hours
@50% heat - 5 hours
@25% heat - 10 hours
2. Are these numbers realistic?
3. how long does it take to charge them fully?
4. do they actually keep your hands warm at 70mph in 30° weather?

I'm trying to justify in my head whether it's worth it or not to make the investment in these or am I just throwing $$ away.

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I don't have direct experience with the battery operate gloves, but just recently did a lot of research and slept at a holiday inn.

The 7v S2's core heat were not made for motorcycling, not enough wind protection.

The 12v hybrid (battery or wired) were made for motorcycles, however I thought the non battery\wired only G3's were more comfortable.

At first I just wanted battery option so I wouldn't have to mess with the wires. The more I thought about it and researched, I went wired so I wouldn't have to mess with batteries. I now just have the gloves, but the wife bought me the jacket liner for Xmas...and you can always get the external battery pack if you want to use them unwired (don't remember if it will power the gloves and liner at the same time).

So far I have only road down to 32 (probably 75-80 mph for 30 minutes), my hands were fine at 3/4 heat.

Ok,I lied about the holiday inn.


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Question #3, info from Gerbings

"A green indicator light will let you know when the batteries are fully charged which is typically between 3-5 hours depending on how discharged the batteries were to begin with."

Also from Gerbings site

"This product is not designed to be used on motorcycles"

http://coreheat.net/Products/Heated S2 Gloves.html

My experience with this product is has only been a long conversation with Gerbings directly at their headquarters, Lacey WA. I presently use Gerbinhs, insoles, pants, jacket and gloves and have been doing so for approx 6 years and I thought the battery heated gloves may be worth a try. I was informed that I would be greatly disappointed with the restrictions.
(limited time usage and re-charge time)
Weight of the gloves and batteries may also be problematic.

Don't know the weather patterns in you area and your style of riding so these gloves may serve your purpose. Consider a jacket liner and heated gloves. You will not have the restriction of only having heat for limited time and distance.

All Gerbings products are top quality and the and the life time guarantee is excellent.

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I have no experience with the battery gloves but the wired gloves are amazing. Sometimes they get too hot! Which is wonderful. With the wired you can get all the goodies like a jacket, pants, insoles etc, and not have to worry about battery life. I would think it might be worrysome messing with the batteries. I can tell you that you wan't be disapointed with the wired gloves.

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