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So you’re reading the manual and it says “Remove the widget-arm with H-D special tool number 12345.” What the hell is this special tool and where do you get it? Most folks that wrench on their own bike know who sells the special ones – if by special you mean expensive. Some of these are so expensive that people often break things trying to figure out the best wrong way to do it.

Enter “George’s Garage

George makes and sells Service Tools for use on Harley Davidson Motorcycles. He’s been a wrench for a while and he decided that he could do as good as or better than the folks selling them now, and do it at a better price.

I was working on my Ironhead recently and noticed the “Primary Drive Locking Tool” that George sells is about $10 cheaper than the one in the catalog I was reading. I figure it’s time to give George a try. I send him my money and in a few working days I have a package. Come on; admit it, we all love packages! On top of the prompt service, a question to the email address on his website was answered promptly and courteously.

So, the tool itself is not rocket science. I mean, it jams the chain. What I noticed immediately though was that I no longer have to scrounge up a piece of wood, an old drive belt, whatever to lock the chain - it saves me time. I also don’t have to worry about destroying what I put in there (I have MANY screwdrivers with chewed handles) or breaking one of the teeth on the sprocket with something that was too hard - it saves me money.

For $21 I always have the right tool at the right time. Unless you’ve tried one (Primary Drive Locking Tool), you have no idea how much easier it makes things.

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