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I like the general look of the site, the colors make it easy to read, but I think it is over-complicated. To post a message about engine mods for instance, I have to go like 2 or 3 layers deep into the site. If I just want to browse the threads, I am constantly clicking and waiting for another subject specific page to load.
I think most people would like something a little simpler and easier to navigate. Consolidate threads in to engine type, I.E. a section for TC, Evo, and Pre-Evo. That way everything concerning your bike is in one convienent section. One click from the index and you need go no further.
I have a TC95 Roadglide, but there are probably posts in the Dyna and Softail sections that would help me. If all posts concerning TC based bikes were in one place, that would eliminate a lot of surfing to find what I need.
Ok, I turn over the soapbox to the moderators.

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