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I had similar problem two months ago and to tell you the truth I was a little bit frighten! Gas on the hot engine! But.........after all, that was not a big deal.

So, you need just to push and pull and to turn left and right that part several times, and the part will become "alive" again, and will "slide" up'n'down again. I think that some king of spring inside the part corroded a little bit, but when you twist the part several times you will "establish" the contact between two parts and the problem will vanish.

So, my impression is that I do not need to change enything, since everything is perfect now, no leak at all.

Good luck.

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It is normal for the 2 fuel lines(supply and return) to slightly rotate within the 2 quick connect check valve fittings that screw into the tank. The check valves themselves should not move once properly installed and torqued into the gas tank. O rings are used to keep everything from leaking.
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