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Had the new Smack-A-Hoe TC124 on the dyno at Zippers a few weeks ago. SAE dyno sheet is attached.

This is a break in tune. The larger throttle openings are set to be somewhat rich. During the tuning process the S&S dual runner AC was ditched in favor of a Zippers Max-Flow AC, we also had to add a second Thunderjet in order to flatten the fuel curve.

I rode this bike to Maggie Valley and back last weekend. It was an absolute blast to ride around. No issues whatsoever.

In full disclosure, the goal was 160 hp SAE. The timing was not addressed during this stunning session and there are a couple of areas that we feel can be improved upon that will get it to 160 SAE.

Highlights of the build;

S&S TC cases/evo style rear mount. S&S 4-⅛" bolt pattern
S&S SSW head castings, w/extensive mods by Zippers
Red Shift 647 gear drive cams
Baisley rocker arms
HyLift Johnson Race Lifters
Smith Bros ⅜" adjustable pushrods.
S&S forged cam plate
S&S 3-Stage oil pump
S&S Reed Valve
Hoban Bros crank w/Carrillo rods
S&S Super D Intake
Zippers G3 carb w/2 Thunderjets
Zippers big air cleaner
JBV Racing Guppy III exhaust pipe
Daytona Twin Tech ignition

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