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Here's my new scoot, with my boys. For some reason, this pic reminds me of my(our) first bike, a Honda Trail 90 (ooohh...) that my older brother Danny and I pooled our paper route profits to buyback 'round 1971 or 2. My family has a ton of pictures just like this, big brother Danny leading the way and little bother me right behind.

We lost my brother Danny in a fire in 1976, my oldest boy (in front...) is named after him and looks so much like him is almost scary. These guys were born 20 months apart, just like my brother and I, so a lot of the pics we take of them look very much like the pics we took all those years ago. 'Course my dad never had a Harley... He was an engineer at Chrysler, used to bring home stuff like Hemi Darts and 440 Magnum Chargers for a week or 2, pretty cool for a kid to see his dad doin' ...

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Great looking scoot and kids you got there Tom!

Sorry to hear about your brother, I am sure that was pretty hard to take as a kid. I, too, have been in a fire and am lucky to be alive. My incident occured about 9 years ago. Two months of burn treatment/operations and a couple years of rehab/therapy etc. Received 3rd degree burns on 20% of my body. Of course, this occured for doing something stupid that I had no business doing.

Life is short, enjoy it while you can. I love the color of your bike and especially that fairing.
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