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FXD Bobtail kit

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Hi guys, thought I'd post this so as to save the next person copious amounts of anguish. O.K. I ordered the bobtail rear fender kit from my dealer to go on my '02 FXD. $300 !!!!! Yikes! Got it together, put the new strut covers on, rewired, etc and custom painted the whole bike. Problem is that when I went to put the seat back on it came up about an inch and a half short!:confused: The dealer was clueless since the fender kit is for the application. I called around and nobody else could figure it out either. Well I called Harley last night and the dude I talked to knew about the problem. He told me that 2 weeks ago the engineering team discovered the goofup. The deal is, the fender is exactly the same one used on the Wide Glide---difference in seat length! Oops. They are going to add an extended mounting tab to the kit from now on. They gave me the part number of the new seat tab and I ordered it today. It's ten dollars and they are gonna charge me for it! Damn, I can't win. I bought a used Wide Glide seat for it so I probably won't need it now. The bright side is that the bike looks awesome now with the fender, paint job, chrome crap and the six inch risers with drag bars. Sure don't look like the Superglide I brought home in November! Anyway, if you are having the same problem, there's the answer.
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Ok, so what's the part #, I just had a bobtail fender put on the GF's bike, still waiting to get it back from the paint shop. Need to know just in case I have to order one from HD.

I don't have the part # with me. I'll post it when I get home.
O.K. , back home. The part number Harley gave me is 52152-97. They said it should be the right one. Good luck and let's see some pictures when it's done!!!
wanting if no if use tail lite from org. fxd fender just turn it over and add to new bracket what comes in kit other than fender been looking at swap for parts picked rear 03 fxwg fender
The kit comes with the fender struts which you will need since they are longer than the FXD. As far as the tailight goes, you do indeed turn it upside down. Everything you need is there. I got a wideglide seat on Ebay that came from a Harley dealer in Nashville(Cash H.D.) and I think I paid $60 for it and it was new in box. If things slow down around here I think I may take it all apart and paint it again. I get bored easy! :)
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