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Where does Fullsac sell the replugged stock replacements?

I am interested in a set for 05 FLHTCUI stock motor.


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www.fullsac.com is the only place I know you can buy them. I got them and like them. Talk to them about what size baffle you need for your build, they make different sized baffles.
I emailed them about a recommendation last weekend and never heard back so maybe calling them would be a better option.
E-mail - no answer.

I e-mailed them some questions. No response.

No response - no business. I guess that they did not want to put the answers in writing.

Thanks for the input

If you guys were trying to contact Fullsac during the Thanksgiving holiday, the owner was out of town and then required a few days recovery after getting his marbles rattled in a rollover accident in an off road race car. He's back to work now, try him again.

Steve at Fullsac will either recore yours, or sell you used recored slip-on mufflers, your choice. I have some that I bid on Ebay and love them. Great sound (not real loud) and better performance. Good luck. Hope he is OK.
I just talked to Steve on the phone and ordered a set. He's a real good dude to talk to and very honest and forthcoming with the info.
These are some pretty nice sounding pipes. Not real loud (louder but not ear splitting), throaty, and a bit more power. Lets the engine exhale alot better. I'd recommend 'em.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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