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I have been posing hear for awhile ,but, felt like posting this about
my coming back to H-D after a 17 yr absence.My first Harley was a
1956 Hydra-Glide,Red & white in color.I loved that old panhead
and kept it until I bought a 1973 Sportster.It was maroon and really
a good runner.I rode it for about 7 years until I had a chance to buy
a 1979 Classic (AMF:( ) It was a real nightmare with just about everything going wrong and I decided to ditch it.I shocked
my friends and the guys at my local Harley shop when I traded for a
1985 Goldwing.It was a good bike so I decided to trade it on a 1991
Goldwing Aspincade and kept that bike until just about a month ago
when I traded it on a 1996 Ultra-Classic.Some people who didn't
know me that well thought I was jumping on the current Harley
Well, I figured I had more time in a Harley saddle than any of them
so I just smile when they indicate that I jumped on the bandwagon.
I have finally figured out the difference of riding the Harley and it is this.
Those other bikes are good machines and I don't fault anyone that
rides one.But, I think the thing that H-D has is soul pure & simple.
Harleys bring alot of good feelings to people and thats a good thing.

I truely enjoy the Harley and plan on sticking with it for a long time.
My goal is to put a 100,000 miles on the evo engine without a
rebuild.I've been told its possible and I plan to prove it true.
So, I've come full circle back to H-D and it feels good.

Ride Safe
masher :cool:

Road Captain
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u da man, thanks for sharing...........

DHARMA Initiative
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Rock and roll man. Ride safe!! 100,00 is very possible.
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