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"Canned tune" down loads are a crap shoot, sometimes they work and you are happy, other times not so much, and you are paying for something that you don't have anyway. PC V is OK if close enough is good enough for you, and you aren't going to do many mods. I prefer the T-Max auto tuning computer. Make any changes you want and let the box handle it. When you finally do everything that you intend to and want more, you can have it dyno tuned for that last couple of HP, if you really need to. The wife and I are constantly changing speed parts and have had T Maxes on our last 4 bikes and wouldn't have it any other way, just our opinion. Currently wife's 119.97 HP Mine is currently 135.87 and we have parts "sitting on the bench" that we haven't installed yet. Those Velcro gaskets are a lifesaver! LOL!!!TIMINATOR
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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