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Fuel Tank Vent -- Engine Stall

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Hi Everyone,

Someone I know has a 2002 Night Train and got in an accident because the engine stalled. It happened after he had filled up with gas. When the engine stalled, he loosened the fuel cap and the engine started up again, but fuel started coming out.

Have you heard of a problem with the newer Night Trains? I know that there were some recalls with the 1999-2000 bikes, but I thought the problem was fixed.

Thanks for your help,

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You don't want to overfill the tank, always leave the level just a little below the restrictor as fuel expansion can block the vent in the gas cap.
I was under the impression this is mentioned in the owners manual.
I have a 02 fxsti on the very first fill up (not over filled) I put the cap back on
started her up and got a crotch full of fuel. I had to lean the bike over with the cap off to get some of the gas out just so I could get home.
Took it to the dealer they knew what the problem was right away.Took compressed air blew through to vent and a piece of something blew out problem solved. My bike never stalled,but I could see where its a safety concern had gas all over the hot engine & pipes.:eek:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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