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I took my bike in under warranty to get the leaking shifter shaft seal replaced, I have an 03 RK. Previously I narrowed down a decel popping issue experimenting with numerous maps on the PC. I got it to about 90% fixed, so I was satisfied. The bike is fairly new to me and ran very well, at least I thought so.

When I picked up the bike the service writer told me the tech did a fuel pressure test and found a leaking fuel line in the tank. They repaired it. What surprised me was the noticible improvement how the bike ran on my way home from the dealer. It was smoother all the way around and the decel popping was just about gone with only a hint of it when I blip the throttle on some low gear down shifts.

I posted this because I figured if there is something nagging about your bike's motor that you can't quite put your finger on, you might want to have a fuel pressure test done.

Besides the above I installed a Progressive Tour Link and last week, wind deflectors. I'm batting a 1000 on both, the notorious wind buffeting is a thing of the past and my bike attacks the curves now and is much more stable in all kinds of road conditions, and surfaces. Its even smoother on the slab. Yes, I do feel a little vibration here and there, but it is insignificant and goes away at speed. Big improvement with such a small upgrade. I just bought monotubes and new shocks, I'm wondering now if I really need them. Oh yeah, I need them, I can't wait to install them and see the results.

Seems I'm having good luck with the bike as of late, knock on wood.:)
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