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Thanks for checking.

I have a new in the package, never been opened ECM (computer) for the Magnetti Marelli Fuel Injection system found on the 96-2001 touring bikes that I would like to sell. Part number 32423-97 which fits all the MM EFI and is the upgrade for the 1996 non programmable computer.

They are selling new for about $340. It is not doing me any good, hopefully someone can get some use out of it. How does $150 plus shipping sound?

I also have a Dobeck Techlusion TFI Model FI-1040 it says it fits all H-D V-twins 1996-2005. It is the unit that has the extra wiring harness that just plugs in without cutting or splicing the harness. The TFI is one of the add on controllers that allow you to add extra fuel through the computer by using a screwdriver to make adjustments instead of a laptop.

More info on the TFI here: http://www.dobeckperformance.com/TFI/TFItechnology.asp

Most places are selling these for about $200. How does $100 shipped sound?

PM Me is interested.
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