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Last of the REAL SEII Slip ons!
Slash out / Balony cut style and the baffles are still in them. Excellent condition.
Have almost a year on them and were replaced and forgotten by previous owner and then sold to me.

I believe these fit 2000-2006 Softail models with shorty dual exhaust as they will physically fit a 2008 and i believe 2007 but they came off of a 2006 FXSTB

I bought them for my 2008 and they physically DO BOLT ON BUT the cross over is on the header pipes on 2008 bikes where the earlier bikes had the crossover on the muffler...

SO these would fit a newer bike but you would have to modify (block off) the cross over flange. Would be easy to do by plugging the hole and would NOT look "cobbled together" or "mickey mouse"

HD #80448-03

They are 9/10 condition cause they are used but i cannot see any marks or scratches on them. They were / are in great condition and i was prepared to put them on my new bike so they are beat on.

$200 shipped anywhere in USA or Canada. Paypal / MO / Cash / Gold / Jewels / Slaves... whatever your barter system feels like tradin too.
Will Trade for:
-Mustang Fastback / Lepera Sillohuette style seat for fatass (200mm) Softails.
-Old School chopper / rigid frame bag
-Detachable backrest /sissybar w/ docking kit
-Any new TC96 engine parts (SE255/203/204 cams, set of stock takeoff heads, etc)
-I need a bunch of stuff so all trade offers considered.

My ebay feedback page for those who dont "trust newbies"
192 feedback and 98.5%
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