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These were probably used for a few miles, maybe for a test ride.
they do not say "Catalyst" on them.

here is the back side, showing the heat shield attachment:

all Pics are here, have to look at the Pic file name to see which is which
these are on the second page.

Look Similar to 65259-00 which listed $389.95
They have the heat shields, Similar to 65829-00 $134.95
With billet end caps, similar cap (65067-01) is $64.95 each
Guessing total new would have been $654.80

$300 shipped sound reasonable?
should i peice them out (tips / shields separate?)

I have the 66080-06 (cat) touring mufflers on my bike,
Might sell them also.
I like the sound of a thunderheader.

met a new buddy who trades bikes every few years, bought them from him:
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