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Rocket 88 in orange/black colour size L(46) in good shape. I only wore it 10-15 times because it never fit me right. Going to the best offer or trade for a all black sport type jacket.

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A Message from DPrice:

FRAUDsters May Take You!
It is highly recommended that all buyers and sellers use PAYPAL to conduct payment transactions. With the increased risk of fraud and potential deception in advertised products listed here, please use common sense when buying and selling merchandise here.

Although the majority of the VTF members are honest, hard working folks, please be aware that because of that reason, fraudsters lurk here waiting for the opportunity to cheat you out of your money.

Please use some sort of secured payment processor when purchasing items from people you do not know. Just because they are a member here, does not make you immune from getting swindled out of your hard earned money.

At least with paypal, you have the opportunity of getting your money back if the deal does not go through as expected.

If you are just looking to mail a money order away in hopes of getting something advertised here, heck, you may as well pick an address out of the phone book and mail it there. Your chances are probably just as equal at getting what you thought you paid for.

BUYERS AND SELLERS, BEWARE of an individual that only wants to do a cash deal. Odds are that something isn't right. Everyone these days has either a checking account or a credit card. Paypal verifies your identity and secures all of your transactions with either of these methods.

You have been warned!


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If you intend to be part of This Forum, please introduce yourself in My Story The Beginning and tell us a bit about you first. Does that mean you pop something in My Story The Beginning and that constitutes a green light to post an ad? No. Please consider the spirit of this request. If you cannot wait, please pm a mod with your request.

eBay links are NOT allowed. The classified section is only for members of this forum. "Wanted to Buy" (WTB) request are welcome.

Please, do NOT post negativity in the classifieds. If you are not a serious buyer then, move on. If you have a gripe with a member about a sale, try to work it out in a PM, if that doesn't work contact a Mod and all will proceed from that point.
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