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I have a S&S 520 cam with slight use up for sale $50.00
2 Sifton EV-140 cams for sale $40.00 and $50.00 each
I have a stock N cam for an Evo $20.00
A set of stock lifters from a 2001 Twin Cam $40.00
A complete inner clutch assy. with plates from a 2001 Twin Cam I want to get $50.00
A set of the small idiot lights from a 1999 FX $10.00
A clutch compression tool for an Iron head Sporster $40.00
A set of cylinders with pistons and gapless rings for an 88 inch Twin cam,very low miles $50.00
You can e-mail me or leave a post here
davemcculloch121 at msn.com
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