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I changed the oil in the front fork of my 1990 Sporster 1200c last week, but I'm not very happy with the outcome. The fork feels too soft when riding on the highway; furthermore, with a passenger on board, it pulls a bit to the right. When I hit a rough spot or crack on the road, I noticed a sharp sound with a mild shake of the handlebars; although I had noticed this problem before I made the oil change, now it seems more pronounced.
Here is how I changed the oil: First, I drained the fork (the fluid was brown and approx. 7 oz of fluid came out of each side). Second, I put back 7 oz of fresh "juice" in each side.
Did I do something wrong to create the handling problems? When replacing the oil, did I need more than 7 oz of oil in each side? If so, what is the right amount of oil I should have put back? What else can it be?
Thanks. I appreciate your help with this!!
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