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For sale: Pair of Fox Creek Leather Overpants. Size XLLong Designed to be worn over jeans (or dress pants). These were seldom worn due to the warm climate in Atlanta. They are now a little tight for me. I guess they shrunk in the closet.:whistle:
These were a perfect fit when my waist was a 38 - 39 and inseam 36. They will fit a 36 waist fine also, especially with a little tailoring. They can be cut to almost any inseam I would say down to 32 with no problem. They measure 45" total length. Inseam measures 35", but as they wear over pants and the overpant crotch is lower, thew fit over 36 inseam pants. They are currently unfinished bottom. They are in perfect condition, no scuffs or loose seams or problem zippers. They have beltloops. Never met the asphalt. I had on chaps when that happened. :duh?: These are top quality, thick naked leather overpants. Unlike chaps, they keep your whole bottom half warm, with nothing personal left in the wind. They are $347 new. I will sell for $150 + $10 shipping to your door.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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