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Forward Controls...Making progress

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I'm just about finished with my home made forward control project on my '05 RKC. I started this as an experiment just to see what it would look like, now I'm starting to think the idea may work. I've used a set of stock softail control brackets along some plate steel to move the controls where I want them (I'm 6'1"). All that is left is to have the shift rod that I made powder coated, and to extend the brake line to the new master.

Also, you can see in the picture that I still have to do something with the stock brake pedal pivot. For now I'm just going to cover it with a black collar. I still want to get some miles on this set up to decide if I like the forwards or not. The collar/pivot will be coverer up by the exhaust anyway, shouldn't show up much.
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All done, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out....Time to move on to the license plate and tail light area to see what I can hack up:woohoo:
Nice job!! I like to see people making new stuff for their bikes.
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