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FNG from Alaska

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Found this forum last night while looking for the missing info on marrying a new TSM/TSSM to your scoot.

Wanted to say Thanks for the info posted here.

(The things your Momma and your Dealer won't tell you.)

I ride an 03 Heritage and an 06 Ultra.

First scoot (a very long time ago) was a Kawasaki F9 Bighorn 350cc two stroke. In lovely lime green so you could not lose it in the woods. :)

I prefer long distance rides. Been down the Alaska Highway twice since 03. It is a ride I recommend to anyone who prefers the long trips.

Again, Thank You and come ride the Last Frontier.
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:welcome: to the Forum Frontier. Lots of knowledgeable people here. Post up some pics of that lovely land from where you reside.
Welcome to the forum. I've always thought that some day I'd ride the AlCan highway. What an adventure! Maybe one day.
AK_Hog_Herder said:
Found this forum last night while looking for the missing info on marrying a new TSM/TSSM to your scoot.
The info is in the factory manual.

Even if you follow the procedure correctly, it may not work.

Apparently, the surest method is to take it to your dealer and have him do it with a digital technician.


It may have been at one time, or it is in a different manual.

But it is not in the 06 or 03 "Service Manuals" or in the owners handbooks.

It may be in the Electrical Diagnostic Manual, but without one at hand and the stealer closed, one must turn to the Internet.

At a $100 bucks a pop plus a fee to haul it to the dealer, I will give the manual procedure a shot.
WELCOME ABOARD!!! I,m another misplaced soul that would love to ride the alcon highway.Is it do able....for all intent and purpose on a motorcycle?Tell us more!
Welcome to the cyber equivalent of the corner pub, local pool hall, library and motorcycle encyclopedia all rolled up into one fine burrito.

Welcome to the forum. The forum of the chosen few who choose the wind and the open road.

Welcome to the V T F my man........ride like the wind
Welcome sourdough , what part are you from . I lived in Anchorage for a few years while my dad was fire chief . My brother ans his wife still live there.
:welcome: to the forum!! Would love to ride the Alcan, but I prolly want do it in this life time. Post up often and enjoy.
Welcome aboard! You live in a beautiful state. I have visited many times and have grat memories of playing out in Denali, Down in Seward and skating my car across big lake to get to the cabin. Very short riding season but the snowmobiling makes up for it!
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