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Gentlemen (and Ladies),

For those of us who have finally heard the call of the road, this forum is outstanding. Never owned a Harley, but with the 100th Anniversary styling and all, I'd have been a fool not to get a Fat Boy. But the fool part comes later as I've never owned a motorcycle. Common sense, a course or two, and a healthy respect for the machine should get me through. I intend to read almost every post here to learn what I can before the bike arrives. (Gotta do the homework). Thanks for a great way to get indoctrinated into the H-D world!

1) Will go with the EFI option (another thread) and

2) Saw a guy on a Deuce with a t-shirt that read "If you can read this shirt, it means my b!tch fell off the bike!". I laughed for days. Please advise where I can get one of those shirts.
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