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Fluid Seepage from Primary on 01 FLHT

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2001 FLHT V&H slip ons, otherwise stock. 12,000 miles

I am getting seepage (that a word?) from the TOP of the primary (at joining of inner and outer primary), as well as around the sensor (speedo?) at the top of the trans. It appears as if the trans or primary are pessurizing.

The bike did this a bit for the first 10,000 miles, but did not seem too alarming. Now it is out of warranty (owned for 14months) and is getting worse.

I have seen this on other bikes (especially obvious on the silver engined bikes), but have yet to get an answer as to what causes it.

Any suggestions?
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Start with the trans fluid level. Is it high?
Change the primary gasket and the O ring for the speed sensor.

Check the outer primary for flatness on a scrap piece of plate glass and torque it in the proper sequence. If possible check the inner primary gasket surface for flatness with a straight edge.

They have a new rubber coated aluminum primary gasket.
Fluid levels are good. I'm hoping it's just gaskets, but it sure seems like there is pressure... Most of the seepage is from the top of the primary...
For what it's worth, I seem to be having the same problem with my '00 ultra injected. Seems to only be a problem when it gets very warm. Is there a vent line I am unaware of that may be getting clogged? It does seem to pressurize as the seepage occurs only after riding, and if the scoot sits for a while, the seepage stops.
The chain flings oil at speed, the primary isn't really vented.
The gearbox is and when it pukes it pukes out of the vent.
LOL, puter was signed in under charlie.

My 02 fatboy is doing the same thing. Going to wait a couple of more months to see how it does.
Same problem on 01 Heritage. Started at 2500 Mi. Dealer replaced under warranty no questions asked. No appointment, squeezed me in before service crew went to lunch. In and out in less than an hour.
Still fine at 6 K. Suspect overfill at 1K service by different dealer. They should not do this. Buddy has 2000 RK with over 30K mi and never had a problem.

Seepage Sucks

What did they replace???
my 2001 fxstb started seep too after my 5000 service it only seems to do it when it is hot and only a small amount on the primary just below the coil, I also suspect over filled at service as it didn't do it before.
this is VERY common almost all do it with over 10,000 miles sometimes you cant tell unless its in the bright sunshine or there is a lot of dirt in th e seeped oil,,,,the tranny vent is a crooked hose on top of left side of transmission,,,part of the price we pay for rideing harleys
I just had this problem fixed by my dealer on my 02 fatboy . They replaced the primary gasket and applied silicon . The mechanic told me that that they try to put so much chrome on the primary that sometimes it bubbles on the edge .......and punctures the gasket . They also had to use a "leveler" on the primary edge (to smooth it ) .

"get on your bad motor scooter and ride "
Hippo... who makes the rubber coated aluminum primary gasket ?
twincamzz said:
Hippo... who makes the rubber coated aluminum primary gasket ?
It's an H-D part. The new p/n has a -B at the end instead of -A which I guess is the old fiber gasket.

FWIW- I am into my 01 RC for a leaky shifter seal. It's up high on the trans case and, depending on the wind, will seep down the trans case or the back of the primary case. It took a couple of tries at wiping down and test riding and going over everything with a mirror to figure out where it was coming from. All the chrome makes it damn near impossible to follow a drip. Fortunately for me (except for the PITA to fix it!) the drips were stinky gear oil, ruling out a primary leak.
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