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Any one ever tried to replace the "floorboards" with pegs? I have a Street Glide on order which has "pegs" for passengers. I am not a fan of floorboards (thanks but I don't need convincing), and see this for passengers;

Chrome Passenger Footpeg Mounting Kit
Designed specifically for the sport-touring rider, this chrome-plated kit allows passenger footboards to be removed and replaced with a variety of male-mount style Harley-Davidson® footpegs. The kit has 3 adjustable height positions and includes all hardware.
# 50198-97A

Just wondering if I can remove the floorboards, install these with HD pegs or ISO pegs, change the brake pedal and be good to go.

BTW, before we get into the floodboard/peg issue, I really like pegs and if GoldWing(ers) can run 1000 mile days with them, it ain't bad. Just looking for a way to do it.

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