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You Might Consider These...

I am running Khrome Werks HP Plus 100's on my '02 FLHTC-I. They are slip ons, and you can check them out at www.khromewerks.com

I am pleased with them, and they are pretty, well very loud.

I am using the 100's. They also make HP Plus, and HP plus light (cheaper at no removable end peice). The 100's are the loudest.

The sound is very loud, and I like it. If you look at the web site pics, you'll see they don't have a baffle, but are meant to have reversion stopping designed system that works with the Delphi EFI. However, there is some popping on decel.

You can look straight through them, it's weird.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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