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Flhri Loud Slip-ons

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Need help deciding what pipes will work best for my RK. Has stage 1 installed already. Pipes on now are reworked H-D tour pipes with insides opened. but not LOUD enough. Liked KERKER , but are they still in business? Would like turn outs or turn downs.
Pipes i have on now, the bike wouldn't run right (popped thru inj.) so had stage 1 put in, runs great now. Had SAMSON pipes tech tell me "88 twin cam needs baffles in pipes for back pressure for bike to run right? Anybody know for sure? Would put straight thrus on if knew they'd let bike run ok. Basically, want loudest pipes i can find for "01 RK.

THANKS, roadking43
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Check this one out:

These pipes sound really great and without the baffles really loud.

Run mine with stage one (EFI) without baffles.

Bike runs great, teperature stays normal but there is still some "backfire" when closing the throttle at higher rpm.

By the way, what do you mean with popped through injection?

Hope this helps.
i mean popped thru fuel inj., or carb. (backfired) roadking43
I have kerker slip ons on a carbed flht, they have baffles in and what looked like white fiberglass wrapped around, there is a straight through hole in the middle about 1" dia ( I pulled them apart when I put them on). They are loud when opened up but mellow sounding otherwise. saferiding rickpoco
You Might Consider These...

I am running Khrome Werks HP Plus 100's on my '02 FLHTC-I. They are slip ons, and you can check them out at www.khromewerks.com

I am pleased with them, and they are pretty, well very loud.

I am using the 100's. They also make HP Plus, and HP plus light (cheaper at no removable end peice). The 100's are the loudest.

The sound is very loud, and I like it. If you look at the web site pics, you'll see they don't have a baffle, but are meant to have reversion stopping designed system that works with the Delphi EFI. However, there is some popping on decel.

You can look straight through them, it's weird.
Found Pipes

I've bought a set of samson slip-ons, rode this weekend and they sound great! No backfire when decelerating. They are everything i wanted. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!! Mark
Sampsons are nice. Glad it worked well for ya!
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