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FLH Exhaust

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I was wondering if the FLH stock or even the aftermarket exhaust designed for the FLH will bolt up and look as though it was designed to work on a FLS fatboy?
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I would probably fit, but you would have nothing to hang the mufflers off. The FLH mufflers hang off of the saddlebag supports, and on the Fatboy there are none.


So If I had permanet hard bags on both sides the pipes would then have a place to attack? And work?
The bags sit on rails that are hard mounted to the frame and fender. If you go thru all that mess to install rails and hard bags, well then you'd have a RoadKing!! Seriously, I don't see any easy or CLEAN way to mount and hang the mufflers on a fat boy.
The Moco makes a FLH style headpipe for Fatboy's and Heritage models. It comes stock on the Heritage Springer model.


Ride safe,
Get some Wiled Pigs, sound good and good price.
I have an 06 Fat Boy and just put a set of RUSH mufflers on it.
They sound Awesome!!! and really look great.
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