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Just wondering if anyone knows for sure if bars from a Street Glide or E Glide will work on a Road Glide. I pulled the measurements and the only thing I have doubt on is the knurl center to center measurement. There is a little over 11/32" difference. Would that make a difference in mounting???

These are the measurements:

Tip to Tip - Base Width - Rise - Pull Back - Knurl Center to Center

Road Glide: 32" - 11.5" - 7" - 3.5" - 3.14"

Street Glide: 30.25" - 15.75" - 7.25" - 6.25" - 3.49"

If these won't work does anyone know of any bars that have almost the same specs as the SG and EG bars??? I know alot of people use Wide Glide and Heritage bars on the RG. But I know that the SG bars are comfortable for me so I would rather not chance trying something that might not be.
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