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Fitting aScreaming Eagle Air Filter

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How easy is it for a novice to fit the Sceaming Eagle Air Filter? What tools do you need? The jetting is OK!
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ness big sucker or SE

Stuart before you buy a SE kit check out the Arlen Ness big Sucker kit you can see it at www.arlenness.com or go to www.battistinis.co.uk Battistinis are in the UK in Bournmouth, I ordered mine from them took 1 day by UPS good service cost about £92 {pounds} with vat. It took about an hour to install it comes with some jets but I just adjusted the fuel air screw and left the stock jets in , no problems I have a 2001 FXSTB night train the stock jets are 45 slow and 190 main, i bought a 48 slow but haven't installed it yet .I get about 12 miles per LITRE [45mpg us} Good luck perhaps I'll see you on the road , I ride in sussex:D
I would think if you put that 48 slow jet in it would give your low end - mid rang a bost. I could feel the difference it made on my Dyna. If you do rejet tune the mix screw again.
Stuart, I had mine put in at the dealer I had also put Kerker pipes on. They charged 1.5 hrs labor $90. They put in 195 main and 45 slow. It runs much better, faster and idles better, its an 02 FLHT. rickpoco
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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