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Finned Pan Head Covers

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Hopefully I've posted this in the correct section, if not please accept my apologies & direct me to the correct section.

I am building another bobber at the moment, which I'll be using a S&S P-Series motor to power. I really want to change the standard pressed steel pan head covers for some cast alloy finned covers, but I'm having some trouble sourcing any this side of The Pond !
There is a seller on our UK Ebay, Panhead Rocker Covers CUSTOM CYCLE Finned DISHPAN "polished" or "as cast" | eBay offering these options & I'm just wondering if anybody over in the USA has any experiance with this seller please ? Do they sound expensive, dubious quality, etc, etc ?
I have found a limited number of sellers advertising similar items, but when I contact them to check availability the covers turn out to be unavailable !

All/any help will be appreciated, many thanks in advance.
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I only did a quick search. I could not believe they wanted $1500 for them.
The ones from Amazon are $405 and change for the pair, and it says free shipping. The ones from Deadbeat Customs are $458 to $568, but shipping to UK would be extra.
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