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Finned Pan Head Covers

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Hopefully I've posted this in the correct section, if not please accept my apologies & direct me to the correct section.

I am building another bobber at the moment, which I'll be using a S&S P-Series motor to power. I really want to change the standard pressed steel pan head covers for some cast alloy finned covers, but I'm having some trouble sourcing any this side of The Pond !
There is a seller on our UK Ebay, Panhead Rocker Covers CUSTOM CYCLE Finned DISHPAN "polished" or "as cast" | eBay offering these options & I'm just wondering if anybody over in the USA has any experiance with this seller please ? Do they sound expensive, dubious quality, etc, etc ?
I have found a limited number of sellers advertising similar items, but when I contact them to check availability the covers turn out to be unavailable !

All/any help will be appreciated, many thanks in advance.
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I did a quick search and here are a few options. Maybe you could call them and see if they will ship to you.
One is on Amazon I don't know how that works across the pond.
Hope this helps.
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They e bay listing you sent if you scroll down say the manufacturer is custom cycle engineering. So are the ones I sent. I only did a quick search. I could not believe they wanted $1500 for them. Im at work when i get home at 1 am ill look some more. Maybe there the only ones that like them
The ones from Amazon are $405 and change for the pair, and it says free shipping. The ones from Deadbeat Customs are $458 to $568, but shipping to UK would be extra.
I was speaking of the e bay listing the op posted from the uk. They wanted $1500
Glad I could help now you can buy couple of pints which your saved money ! Cheers
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What took so long Customs? Glad you got them. Get a buffer and go to town while you are waiting for the engine. Several hours and some beer they will be as shinny as you want. That's the beauty of aluminum and stainless steel. Something like this.

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