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Finned Pan Head Covers

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Hopefully I've posted this in the correct section, if not please accept my apologies & direct me to the correct section.

I am building another bobber at the moment, which I'll be using a S&S P-Series motor to power. I really want to change the standard pressed steel pan head covers for some cast alloy finned covers, but I'm having some trouble sourcing any this side of The Pond !
There is a seller on our UK Ebay, Panhead Rocker Covers CUSTOM CYCLE Finned DISHPAN "polished" or "as cast" | eBay offering these options & I'm just wondering if anybody over in the USA has any experiance with this seller please ? Do they sound expensive, dubious quality, etc, etc ?
I have found a limited number of sellers advertising similar items, but when I contact them to check availability the covers turn out to be unavailable !

All/any help will be appreciated, many thanks in advance.
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Thanks Ironworker40, all help is appreciated.

The Custom Chrome ones you posted the link to are close to a third the price of the ones I've seen over here on UK Ebay. Can the Ebay ones really be that much better ? That is my dilema !
Thanks again guys.

I'd missed the fact that the ones on Ebay over here were the same CCE make !!
When I'd looked at pictures on the various sites I'd come across they'd claimed to be "Made in USA" & basically not cheap rubbish, but the covers "looked" identical.

The one's in your link Ironworker are not polished though, (which is what I want) but even allowing for some extra cost to polish a pair up, that doesn't account for the almost trebling of the price being asked by that Ebay seller !! If I bought a pair from the Ebay seller his price would also be plus shipping, which he seems to want around $100 for & I get stung for import tax too !!

At least I know now that the cheaper ones you gave me the link to are the same as the Ebay ones. I have contacted Deadbeat & asked them to let me know when they get some polished ones in stock. Deadbeats price makes their's less than half what the Ebay seller is charging. I could accept a bit more, but what he's charging is a rip off, clearly !!
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Thanks Ironworker40 for you time & help, I've now ordered a pair of polished covers using your link (y)
Hopefully they'll make it over here before too long. ;)
My finned Pan covers arrived a few weeks ago, I am quite happy with them, just wish they'd cleaned up between the fins a little bit more considering I'd opted for the "polished" versions. But they feel quite solid & have a quality feel about them so all in all I'm happy.

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The only issue I might have is because they are a bit taller than the standard pressed steel covers they might fould a bit with the balance pipe I have fitted between the two tank halfs. As I haven't got my engine yet I can't be certain, but I'm guessing I might have to just trim a bit off one or two fins if need be.
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