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Black Cherry front FLHT fender took off at 1k miles perfect condition. $250

98-up style fairing - one of the studs is broken. The one on the bottom you access from the fork area. If your are handy with "glass" you can make another stud easily. $75

Street stalker fender - NEW IN BOX black with burgandy pin stripes. $80

Police stator - One of the wires is chaffed about 5 strands of copper are broken. I was 1000 miles away from home when the problem was discovered, and it got me home just fine. I put another few hundred on it while waiting on a replacement. $20

2003 Softail new take off rear caliper $80

Adapter to plug right into your stock radio harness. Its pre pinned so all you have to do is attach your aftermarket radio leads to it and plug into your HD harness. $25 free shipping on this only.

Brand new USN Pilots leather jacket. Its the real McCoy. Brown goat Skin leather Size 38. $75 free shipping
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