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fender lights

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I have a 2002 Road King and have changed the turn signal lense covers to the smoke plastic...I now want to change the front fender light cover which is yellow to the same. I have heard that overseas Harleys are required to have the clear or smoke lenses...does anyone know where I can locate a clear or smoke lense cover for the front fender light., TIA
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Harley use to offer a white lens for fender tips but I just tried to order some for a fellow worker and they are no longer avail. Sorry I don't have the part # with me but I'll post it later. ( I have never seen a clear or smoked one)

EDIT: Ok the part # for the white lens is 59182-84 but it supreceds to a 59201-96 which is the front lens from a fender tip grill kit which is wrong. Ok I'm going out on a limb here try these dealers in your home state.

Dealer Location Phone(P)/Fax(F)
Harley-Davidson of Annapolis Annapolis P-410-263-3345
Harley-Davidson of Maryland, Inc. Elkridge P-410-796-1044
Harley-Davidson of Frederick, Inc. Frederick P-301-694-8177

Call one of them and ask for part # 59182-84 and you don't want the superceded part #.
I can bet that someone has one. Good luck....... :D

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