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Hey all, been lurking lately but haven't posted in quite some time.

The stock header pipes on my 97 King finally gave up. Basically they shattered like glass. So I finally have the push I needed to get the V&H 2-1. Since I'll only have a pipe on one side I want to move my license plate down under the left bag and clean up the rear fender. I also want to get rid of the U shaped bar that connects the two struts where the license plate now mounts. I've seen this done before and I know I can spend about 70 bucks on a kit to do it but I'm thinking there is a better way. Have any of you done it and if you did, how?

Also, if anyone is having trouble with their MM fuel injection and is thinking of converting to a carb, let me know. About a year ago I was searching for help on that subject and I got alot of people telling me not to do it and how much trouble and expense it was going to be. Well I did my research, bought my parts, spent a day wrenching and its the best mod I have made so far. If anyone is thinking of doing the same thing I'll be glad to help. Its easy.
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