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Here we are with another ROTM winner. refg3880's 92 FXLR won in the closest contest of the last couple of years. It was a tie in regulation, with the decision being handed down by the competition council. Well, not really. Do to a staffing shortage, we don't have one of those. So I had to make the pick myself.

So without further blabbering from me, lets give refg3880 a big V-Twin Forum shout out. After that we can let him buy a few rounds. :cheers:



i'll give her a whirl

1992 FXLR low rider custom
127 cubic inch
126 hp 142 tq
hsr 48
bassani road rage II
custom metal work to fill taillight hole
all led lighting
brake/running light in plate frame
avon grips
just an old beater.

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