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Went yesterday to my local Harley dealership.(Wurzburg H-D) They still have a good amount of 2002s available. No 2003 models yet. Had a Screamin' Eagle RK and Deuce, along with a Fat Boy with the special paint jobs. Beautiful bikes. Costly though. Looked at a 2002 Concord Purple RK, which is the really the color I wanted for my RK. It helped, considering it's the first time I've been able to see the 2002 RK upclose. I got all excited anticipating getting home.(Mine is being delivered to the dealership at the end of this month)
Anyway, looked at their merchandise and many in the states should consider themselves somewhat lucky compaired to what the local nationals pay here. Prices ara at least 10-20 percent higher here. I'll wait until I get home to get riding materials.(Unless I find something that I can't get in the states)
The owner ran the store, along with his wife. I hope they weren't typical dealers, because no one approached me.(Perhaps with a freshly shaved flattop, I looked TOO military) Nice shop, but small.
Well, thanks for letting me ramble. Ride safe and often! J.T.
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