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Fatboy handlebars crooked?

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Anyone notice handlebars slightly turned to the right on Fatboys? I've noticed this on an 08 and an 09 I just demoed. Maybe it's just my glasses playing tricks on me but it sure seems like my right hand is closer to me.
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Mine were on my 07, took it back to the dealer and they gave it a big jerk on the bars and back to square they went. Occasionally I have to have a buddy hold the front fender still while I give the bars a push back to straightness. I was told it's the cheap bushings in the tree that causes this

Yep - apparently they slide on the rubber bushings a bit.
My handlebars were the same way and I put the newer bushings on and hd slotted risers on, and my bars looked and felt tweaked, I called the dealer ship and they said, "Give em a nice controlled push against the bar and they set in real nice. Been great ever since

Change to the poly riser bushings and problem goes away.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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