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Hi I'm new to this forum. I'm in the process to purchase my first HD this coming week. However I have one problem to decide Injection or not. Is the Injection part reliable or should I go the "old" way.
Thanks for any input.
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The new EFI is extremely reliable, but the service and repair cost over the life of the bike is potentially much higher with EFI, not that much of a factor if you intend to keep the bike for a year or two, but the longer you keep it the more of a factor.

It also makes you much more dependent on the dealer. Again, not that much of a problem in Germany as here, other then the cost.

As far as performance, the difference from EFI to carb is less then the difference from one bike to the next. If you could find two otherwise identical bikes the injected bike would be a little better then the carb bike as they come out of the box, but with about $10.00 in jets you can make the carb bike outperform the EFI, and gravity will always be more reliable then electronics.

I'm not sure about the FatBoy, but the EFI touring bikes are geared different in Europe then here, and again totally stock the EFI bikes lose even the minor advantage.
Thanks again for your great input. Looks like reliablity is not the problem, great.
I intent to keep this bike for more than two years. What is going to cost more in the future, just the dealer service vs. doing it yourself or consumables with the EFI. The EFI FatBoy is about 700$ higher on price.
These jets you taking about, are these the dyna-jet(spelling) kit?
Welcome to the board Schorsch. I just came back from Germany a few months ago. I was in Schweinfurt (Bavaria) for 3 years. I own a FLSTSI Heritage Springer which is my first fuel injection Harley. I love it! No choke etc to worry about. The maintenance may be a little steeper, but I don't think I will buy another carbed Harley. Are you a German National or another Nationality transplanted to Germany? That will make a difference over the long haul. Glad to have you on the board.
The routine servicing cost is equal for both bikes, and there is not really a problem with doing it yourself.

The only service part on the EFI is the in tank fuel filter but you only change it every 20K miles.

The potential difference in cost comes from repairs down the road. Troubleshooting EFI bikes is much more time consuming and there are a number of components that eventually reach the end of their useful life and are expensive to replace.

The largest difference in cost comes from the fact that most anyone handy with a wrench can repair a carb bike without need for special tools, and this is not the case with the EFI bikes.

The DynoJet kits are good, but you can achieve very close to the same thing just replacing jets, drilling out the mixture screw plug and maybe shimming the stock needle. The DynoJet kit is over $100.00 and the only part really worth having is the needle.

Last time it came up the Swiss bikes had catalytic converters in the canisters and it's likely the german bikes have them also now. This is something that has to go if any modifications are done to the bike in either case, but in Germany you have to be able to easily return the bike to it's original configuration for the TUV inspections :eek: :eek:

This could also involve expense with an EFI bike if it is modified and remapped.
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Skydoc, HIPPO,

Thanks again for the great input, this really helps me to decide.
HIPPO, you very familiar with our TUV did you also live in Germany at one time like Skydoc?

Skydoc, yes I'm a Bavarian native. You probably know that we are proud of our Free State. I was born in Munich, but grew up and live now Southeast of Munich in a small town close to the Chiemsee. How do you like it back in the States?
I used to live in Northern California twice ('88-'90 and '97-'00), I really miss the States. The great thing about my job is, that I visit CA once a quarter. Since you know the area I live in, I think you can agree it's not to bad either here in Southern Germany. The snow has melted and the beergardens are start to open again, love the Spring.

I already like this forum, looks like great people here.
Wednesday is the day, can't wait.
I was actually born in Germany, but my family left when I was 6 months old. Still have a number of cousins there, some in the Rhineland near Dusseldorf and some in Dresden.
Darn it! I always get to the good ones late. Looks like our bro Hippo has it pretty much covered. Couldn't find anything to dispute... For me though at this time and in this place, I'll take the carb model. Not because I'm concerned that the EFI isn't reliable, or isn't more accurate. I just know I will always be adding stuff to my bike and re-jetting is cheaper.

BTW, dirt bike needles will drop right into CV's and they have the full range of adjustment that is found on Dyno-Jet needles. Any Honda dirt bike shop will have more main, pilot and needles for Keihin carbs than you can imagine. Finding a good taper on the needle could take a long time and entirley to much trouble...so I would probably just shim the original if I didn't want the Dyno-Jet kit.

Welcome to the fold Schorsch
LOL. No problem. We already know that the best Keihin needle for a stage 1 bike is the one from a 1988 Sportster. You can pick it up for a couple of bucks at any dealer.

Hi Boys... I've ordered the powercommander for my FatBoy since I put The Screamin Eagle II's on, I have lost a little power. Is the powercommander kind of an all-round EFI analyzer? Will I be able to troubleshoot the EFI system if need be? Love this site! Bueno, Dan NM
EEC Tap?

I just joined and found this thread. I drive a Ford pickup, and it has a port to plug in a circuit I made that allows me to get information from the engine control through a computer. Do the EFI models have any sort similar port?
pozi...you may need to remap your Power commander. Check this site out...it has all the maps you'll ever need!

Power Commander
Hey Tex! I did it a few weeks ago and now my bike really snorts again! Couldn't be happier! Bueno, Dan
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