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I've been looking at these 508's for a while now, like the look of them.
I put on Harley RoadGlide handlebars part# 55955-00 thinking I could drop them down closer to me.
Nope, no way is that comfy......:(

Anyway, I enquired at the site suggested if longer wires and cables were required and this was their reply :-

It is not necessary to cut or lengthen any wires. Releasing
wire looms inside the housing from the two retaining clips
frees up additional length needed. Disconnect the control
wire pins from the junctions leaving all wires attached at the
switch housings. From bar ends run the wire looms through
the bars and plug the pins back into the junctions.

The stock upper brake line is too short to follow the shape
of the bars, so it must be straightened to angle from the m/c
to the forks. This can be done with the line intact and does
not require bleeding the brake lines. You can pull more of
the soft line up from below if needed. Using a small tube
bender on the hard upper line will enable you to get it to
look the best. It won't follow the contour of the bar so the
cleaner you get the bend the better it will look!

Stock clutch, throttle and idle cables are adequate and look
fine. On 2002 models the throttle and idle cables must be
routed behind the cruise control module.

Thank you,
Don Schultz
Wild 1 Inc.
Fax 714 536-1941
[email protected]

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Heres another picture of 508's fitted. Gives ya a better idea of the dimensions.

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Not my bike, just a photo I picked up researching whether or not to get these bars for mine.
I'll can e-mail the guy that owns it, when and if he replys???
Let ya know.
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