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Far shocks

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Hey anybody know if and how to adjust the ride height and dampening on these shocks. There on a custom softail.~!Awesome!
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They don't look much different fro Progtreesive 413's ( or a any number of knock off's) so they should not be a real project.

AS I remember, to set the damping (rebound) I unlocked the lock nut and holding the adjuster rod I tourned the spanner out on the shaft. To set the height I had to remove the front mounting bolts as trun the shafts in/out of the shock body.

Remememer that there was nothing in my way as the bike we being rebuilt. If it is assembled you may have some more stuff to do.
I'd call Chekal, He's a friggin expert on all that involves bikes...:whatever:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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