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Extended Warranty

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Just purchased a new Ultra. Have ninety days to decide if I want the extended warranty. $999 for five years, overlaps the first two so really three year coverage. Reading the fine print looks like you are required to keep very detailed maint. records, have 5000, 10,000 mile etc. check ups performed. I plan to keep the bike for at least five years. Probably average 2,500 miles per year plus. Any comments out there??? Keep the funds in the bank and self insure??


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This topic has been discussed many, many times.

There is no pat answer, you have to assess your own situation.

For example, adding performance mods past stage I technically voids your warranty.
for 10000 miles riding over 5 yrs id keep the 999 bux myself.had a chance to buy extended warranty in 96 for 800 dollors.never would have used it either as far as only thing that would had been covered was when electrics went out but lucky for me i was off that summer and rolled the miles on it at 16000k it went out under the standard 1 yr warranty.after that no probs where it would have coverd.bought a new 06 dyna now its got 2 yr warranty by the time it is up ill have roughly 20k on it.not a believer in em myself.
Thanks for your comments..

with that kind of limited mileage you expect an extended warranty would be tough to justify. Also, as already mentioned, it really puts a damper on your ability to make any modifications other than purely cosmetic.
The dealer told me I could decide as late as when there was about 3 months left in the factory warranty to purchase the extended one. I think it cost about $150 more if you wait until then though. I decided to wait.
If you only ride about 2500 miles per year I would say not. I have purchased the extended on both my Ultra's but I ride over 15K a year. On my 2003 it came in handy with everything replaced in the cam box at 40K... I got a good deal on the 2006 extended warranty the dealer was running a special 50% off extened warranty and prepaid maintenance.. At that price I got them both...

2500 miles a year is pretty low mileage. Odds are you will not need any warranty work in five years. If the bike has any factory defect issues they should surface within the first two years. This question comes up a few times a year and ultimately comes down to a personal decision. Ask yourself this question - do you like to play the odds or would you rather be covered even in a worst case scenario?
Thanks again...

I just found this site yesterday. It has a wealth of information. Never saw anything like this for Yahama's.

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